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Are you contemplating including a feline pal to your private home? If that’s the case, contemplate adopting a Balinese cat. This breed, often known as the Longhaired Siamese, has charmed pet lovers worldwide with its elegant look and loving character. Balinese cats are a descendant breed of Siamese and carry many fascinating qualities that make the Siamese well-known.

What units the Balinese other than different pets is their lovely, flowing coat. The Balinese coat is understood for being one of many longest and silkiest within the feline world, and so they are available in numerous colours, comparable to seal level, blue level, chocolate level, and lilac level. Whereas their coat could require barely extra upkeep than different breeds, their gorgeous look is value it.

Except for their dashing appears to be like, this pets are additionally identified for being playful and affectionate. They like to spend time with their house owners and are nice with kids and different pets, making them the proper companion for households. Nonetheless, it is suggested that they be stored indoors as a result of their inquisitive nature, as they have a tendency to get themselves into bother if left to roam freely.

In case you are in search of a wholesome breed, the Balinese cat is a superb selection. They’re usually free of serious well being issues, however like many different breeds, they might be vulnerable to sure genetic imperfections. The Balinese cat can dwell a protracted and wholesome life with common train, an acceptable eating regimen, and correct healthcare.

Are Balinese cats uncommon?

The breed may be very affectionate and identified for being nice household pets. They’re much much less uncommon due to their elevated reputation as a breed. They’re a contemporary breed of cat, loving and demanding. The species is much less standard than it as soon as was within the Nineteen Fifties and early 60s, however yow will discover breeders of this pets fairly simply in most areas worldwide.


Weight 6-11 Lbs
Measurement 1 foot and a half
Coat Cream and darker  level colours on the eyes and ears
Eyes Deep Blue
Life exp 12-20
Coat size Lengthy
Grooming Gentle
Shedding Medium

Breed Historical past

The Balinese cat breed could also be comparatively new, nevertheless it has an thrilling and distinctive historical past. Opposite to their title, this pets don’t have any hyperlinks to Bali or Indonesia. The breed’s Siamese kin are initially from Thailand. So, how did the Balinese get its title?

The title was created by breeders who thought that the cat’s grace and magnificence mirrored that of the dancers within the temples of Bali. This title caught and has been used ever since, regardless of having no historic or cultural significance.

The breed itself was a pure mutation first launched within the Nineteen Forties in America after longhaired Siamese kittens appeared in a litter. This spontaneous mutation brought about pleasure amongst breeders, who strove to nurture extra of this selection. The primary Balinese breeding program was launched within the Nineteen Fifties, and progressively the Balinese grew to become a acknowledged breed.

Some folks could view the Balinese as merely a longhaired number of the Siamese cat, which brought about disagreement amongst purists inside breeding circles. The Balinese finally gained official recognition as a separate breed, and the Cat Fanciers’ Federation gave them official championship standing in 1961.

At the moment, the Balinese cat is a beloved breed amongst pet lovers and is understood for his or her playful persona traits and gorgeous look. Regardless of not having a protracted historical past, the Balinese have shortly turn into a outstanding and well-loved breed inside the cat breeding neighborhood and most people.

seal point balinese

Seal Level Balinese. Picture by @karissa_ann from Flickr

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Attention-grabbing Information

When you’re contemplating including a Balinese cat to your loved ones, you need to know some fascinating details about this breed. First, you could surprise why they’re referred to as this pets. Breeder Helen Smith selected the title to distinguish this breed from their Siamese ancestors. When she noticed these cats, Smith was reminded of a Balinese dancer; because of their sleek our bodies and lengthy, silky coats, the title was a pure selection.

Regardless of their magnificence and attraction, the Balinese is assessed as a uncommon breed clever cat. They rank thirty fifth in reputation out of the 41 species the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation acknowledged. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply they’re much less fascinating as a pet.

One fascinating reality concerning the Balinese breed is that they’ve a comparatively quick historical past, having solely been acknowledged as an official breed within the Sixties. To make sure the consistency of their bloodlines, solely registered, purebred Siamese cats have been allowed within the Balinese breeding program. This has helped keep the breed’s distinct traits, comparable to their mesmerizing pale blue, eyes and lengthy, easy coat.

One other distinctive reality concerning the Balinese breed is that they’re identified for his or her athleticism and agility. Whereas they might seem sleek and delicate, these cats have a strong and muscular construct that permits them to be fast and agile. They’ve been identified to excel in actions like agility programs, which proves that they’re extra than simply fairly faces.


The breed has its distinctive persona and is seen as a really affectionate cat. Their power ranges, vocal nature, and loving disposition make them great companions with nice character.

Affection  Very
Good with children Very
Straightforward to coach Very
Vitality Excessive power
Shedding Medium Shedders
Vocal Very
Want for train It wants stimulation and excursive
Good with different pets Excellent with different pets
Food regimen Generally is a choosy eater
Grooming wants Require little intervention
Straightforward to go away alone Higher with visits, toys, and companionship, not an unbiased cat


In case you are contemplating bringing a Balinese cat into your private home, keep in mind that they’re a breed that requires common stimulation and exercise to maintain them pleased and wholesome. As a consequence of their curious and playful nature, they have a tendency to thrive in households with loads of psychological and bodily stimulation alternatives.

One approach to stimulate your Balinese cat is to supply loads of toys and interactive video games. Balinese cats are identified for his or her playful character and love enjoying with toys that problem their minds and entertain them. In addition they are likely to take pleasure in video games that contain leaping, climbing, and chasing, so cat bushes and scratching posts could be nice investments for these lively and playful pets.

One other approach to hold your Balinese cat engaged is to work together with them often. Balinese cats are extremely social and love spending time with their house owners. They take pleasure in being petted, groomed, and performed with, so taking a couple of minutes every day to bond together with your pet can hold them mentally and emotionally glad.

It’s additionally important to supply your Balinese pet with common train alternatives. These cats have a number of power and should burn it off with bodily exercise. Contemplate enjoying video games like fetch or taking your cat for walks on a harness and leash. These actions will hold your cat lively and supply a bonding alternative for you each.

balinese personality

Picture by @nwtarcticrose from Flickr


A Balinese can dwell anyplace between 12-20 years in the event that they hold in good well being, and you may present them with good high quality meals and vitamin. Cats stored indoors and often exercised will usually take pleasure in essentially the most prolonged lifespan. It’s important to think about that the breed has a collection of well being issues that ought to be monitored with common veterinary appointments.

Well being

Whereas this pets are usually a wholesome breed, like all cats, they’re vulnerable to particular well being points. One of the vital widespread well being points is progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), which impacts the eyes. This can be a degeneration of the retina within the eye that may trigger near- or far-sightedness and even blindness. Moreover, some Balinese cats could also be cross-eyed, resulting in visible impairments.

One other well being concern Balinese pets can develop is dilated cardiomyopathy, which enlarges the guts muscle mass and reduces coronary heart perform. This is usually a extreme situation if not handled, and common veterinary check-ups are beneficial to observe your pet’s coronary heart well being. Moreover, some analysis has prompt that Balinese pets could also be at low threat for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Balinese cats will also be at elevated threat for liver amyloidosis, a situation the place there’s an irregular protein buildup that finally results in liver failure. This is usually a extreme concern that requires immediate veterinary consideration. Not all Balinese pets will develop these well being points, however they have to concentrate on them and look ahead to potential signs.

Lastly, grownup Balinese could also be extra vulnerable to respiratory issues, particularly bronchial asthma. Stress, allergy symptoms, or different environmental elements can set off this situation. When you discover any respiratory misery or irregular inhaling your Balinese cat, go to your veterinarian instantly.


Whereas Balinese pets are a longhaired breed and do shed, there’s proof suggesting that they produce decrease quantities of the Fel d1 and Fel d4 protein allergens. This doesn’t make them hypoallergenic, nevertheless it does point out that they might be a greater possibility for folks with allergy symptoms than different longhaired breeds. Nonetheless, it’s important to spend time with the breed first to see how your allergy symptoms react.

Concerning grooming, Balinese pets require common brushing to maintain their coats smooth and freed from tangles. Luckily, they don’t have an undercoat, so grooming is comparatively easy. Their ears may even require common cleansing to stop infections and extreme wax buildup, and their nails should be trimmed often.

Nonetheless, grooming is only one small a part of caring for a Balinese pet. Your most important duty as a Balinese pet dad or mum is to present them sufficient consideration and affection. These cats are usually not the kind to quietly go about their enterprise – they need to be concerned in the whole lot you do. They crave consideration, each within the type of playtime and an affectionate persona. In the event that they obtain sufficient consideration, it’s widespread for them to exhibit undesirable habits or vocalization. So, be ready to bathe your Balinese pet with numerous love and a spotlight.

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Grooming and coat

Balinese require little coat care and grooming necessities. With common weekly grooming, they’ll hold their coat wholesome. When you discover your pet stops grooming, contemplate supplementing with common baths.


You will discover rescue packages on-line for Balinese pets in addition to discover kittens on-line via pet finder and different providers. Contacting a breeder of Balinese cats is normally the simplest approach to discover rescue packages in your space.

Prices of Balinese cats

The price of Balinese can vary relying on the realm you’re in and the lineage of the cats you’re getting. You’ll be able to anticipate to pay extra when you have a Balinese pet from an esteemed line of present cats. Often, the prices of Balinese kittens vary from $800-1500.


Total, Balinese cats could make great and affectionate companions. With their beautiful coats and playful personalities, these pets will carry you numerous pleasure. Nonetheless, as with all cats, they require common brushing and grooming to take care of their wholesome, comfortable coat. It’s additionally essential to look at for potential well being points and go to the vet often. Lastly, this breed is extremely demanding relating to consideration – they love being concerned in the whole lot you do and wish loads of playtime and affection. Your Balinese will certainly thrive with persistence, dedication, and plenty of love from you!

Individuals additionally ask:

Are Balinese cats hypoallergenic?

Balinese cats produce decrease quantities of the Fel d1 and Fel d4 protein allergens than different longhaired cat breeds. Whereas this doesn’t essentially make them hypoallergenic, it could possibly be a greater possibility for folks with allergy symptoms than different breeds. Nonetheless, it’s finest to spend time with the breed earlier than deciding – everybody’s allergy symptoms range, so what works for one particular person could not work for one more.

What is the difference between Siamese and Balinese cats?

Siamese and Balinese cats have many similarities, with each breeds having pointed coats, huge ears, blue eyes, and a smooth physique kind. The first distinction between these cat breeds is that the Balinese cat have a protracted silky coat, whereas the Siamese cat has a brief wonderful coat. There are some longhair Siamese varieties, however usually, a long-haired Siamese cat goes to be a Balinese cat most occasions. Siamese breeders do produce these long-haired cats that resemble grownup Balinese cats however they don’t seem to be acknowledged by the cat fanciers affiliation. Moreover, the Siamese tends to be extra vocal than the Balinese. Lastly, whereas each breeds are lively and playful, the Siamese is normally extra energetic and loves exploring its environment.

How much does a Balinese cat cost?

A Balinese cat at a rescue program could value simply $100-200, however a purebred Balinese kitten from a breeder can value a median of $800-1500.

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