Tugga That Toy! – Wags & Wiggles


Toys are an important software in positive reinforcement canine coaching.

They aren’t only a positive approach to reward your canine, nevertheless it’s enjoyable, too!  Utilizing play as a reward is usually extra bonding for many canine than merely giving them some treats.

First, you will have to pinpoint what sort of toy your canine enjoys.

There are a lot of several types of toys to select from.  For instance, your canine could favor tug toys over a tennis ball, or vice versa.  Additionally, for puppies who’re teething or older canine who shouldn’t have the identical need for toys as after they had been younger, many toys can maintain treats to make the toy extra thrilling.

Make sure you select a toy that excites them to provide them the biggest reward.  Don’t be afraid to modify issues up and take a look at several types of toys in case your canine loses curiosity!  Upon getting established what sort of toy your canine finds probably the most enjoyable, you’re prepared!

Utilizing toys and play as a reward has many advantages.

One of many advantages of utilizing toys as a reward is that it’ll assist construct a excessive coaching drive.  Canine breeds like Australian Shepherds and Border Collies are inclined to have a naturally excessive coaching drive.  Utilizing toys and play as a reward for canine with a naturally decrease coaching drive can considerably improve their motivation to coach!

Toys are important as a result of they increase your canine’s energy level, resembling real-life distractions.

While you use toys as a positive reward, your canine’s satisfaction degree can improve throughout training sessions.  Because of this, they are going to be calmer and extra restful.

Take into account that you might get in fewer repetitions when utilizing toys for a reward because the canine could fatigue or lose curiosity—plan for this in your training sessions.

When utilizing a toy as a reward, solely use the toy for behaviors which are already on cue.  It may be difficult to form new behaviors with a toy for those who shouldn’t have a tug or fetch launch sample developed but.

While you begin utilizing toys as a reward, their behaviors could break down a bit because of the pleasure.  Nonetheless, it is possible for you to to construct your behaviors again to fluency with follow.

It is very important maintain your coaching toys out of sight after training.  By doing this, you’ll assist to maintain up their pleasure for his or her training toy.

To maintain their coaching toys thrilling, maintain them out of sight and in a separate toy bin when your coaching session is finished.





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