Slanted guinea pig incisors


Guinea pigs, like rabbits, could be liable to enamel and jaw issues. That is primarily on account of the truth that their enamel develop continually. Indicators that point out a enamel or jaw downside embody a change in consuming habits (i.e. consuming much less, selecting to eat smooth greens, not consuming hay), elevated salivation and a change within the angle of the occlusal floor of the incisors (the floor the place the incisors meet). In case you discover any of those indicators, it is best to seek the advice of a vet.

Usually, the incisors enamel will put on utterly horizontally. If this begins to turn into a slope (as in Myrtle’s case as seen on Fb), it’s a signal there’s a downside with the way in which your guinea pig is consuming. This downside might be mouth ache (attributable to wounds or molar spurs) or jaw ache (mostly attributable to abscesses).

Slanted guinea pig incisors

Myrtle’s slanted incisors

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