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The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a powerful working canine breed who wants in depth coaching and common train to thrive. Early socialization and ongoing coaching past puppyhood are extraordinarily vital for this excessive power canine, who was bred for power and endurance. 

Listed below are crucial steps to take when coaching your Catahoula:

  1. Give them the proper job 

Catahoula Leopard Canine have been bred to work. These canines thrive when given a possibility to coach and study new abilities. Catahoulas wish to be stored busy, and in case your way of life doesn’t assist alternatives to your canine to do the pure work Catahoulas do — searching, working livestock and guarding property — get your canine concerned with searching trials, monitoring coaching and trails, scent work training, and dog agility and obedience. If Catahoulas don’t have a job to do, they’re prone to change into harmful, or exhibit different adverse behaviors resembling excessive barking from boredom. 

  1. Begin socialization coaching early 

Socialization wants to start out at puppyhood. This can be a crucial developmental time in a pet’s life from about 5 to 16 weeks outdated, the place they expertise new issues concerning the world. Each optimistic and adverse experiences that puppies have throughout this time can affect their temperament and habits for the remainder of their lives. The Catahoula Leopard Canine is a pure watchdog and may have a predisposition to being cautious and distrustful of strangers. Socialization helps handle these behaviors.

Give your Catahoula pet optimistic experiences with various teams of individuals and different canines and animals. Catahoulas have a powerful prey drive, so even with good early socialization and coaching they is probably not protected round small animals, resembling cats. Catahoula Leopard Canine are a territorial breed and are very protecting of their households. Even with early socialization, they’re prone to stay cautious of strangers and aren’t at all times social with different canines. 

  1. Be in step with optimistic reinforcement coaching

Simply because these canines have a powerful work drive doesn’t imply they need to be handled with a heavy hand or harsh coaching method. All canine breeds profit from coaching that makes use of consistent positive reinforcement coaching approaches, which makes use of treats, toys and play to encourage and reward good behaviors. Conduct that has been rewarded is extra prone to be repeated. Catahoulas are deeply bonded to their households and consistency in coaching and expectations helps these canines succeed. 

  1. Work with an expert canine coach

Don’t skip pet class! Basic obedience classes may also help you and your canine to develop a shared coaching language, assist your pet to work round distractions and get coaching off on the proper paw. Equally, if you have already got a Catahoula Leopard Canine and are scuffling with coaching, it’s by no means too late to get assist from a canine coach who makes use of optimistic reinforcement coaching approaches. An skilled coach will enable you to to higher perceive and work by points you’re having together with your canine.

How huge are Catahoula Leopard Canine?

They’re robust medium to medium-large canines, weighing in from 50 to 95 kilos, with males being bigger. In line with the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas, males measure from 22 to 26 inches in peak and females from 20 to 24 inches.

What’s a Catahoula Leopard Canine? Listed below are 5 enjoyable details:

  • Catahoulas have been first bred in Louisiana to be all-around working canines
  • They turned the official state canine of Louisiana in 1979
  • Catahoulas are highly effective canines, bred for power and endurance.
  • They have been initially used for guarding property and houses, working with livestock and searching and treeing.
  • Catahoulas are high-energy canines and can typically not be completely satisfied dwelling in an condo. They don’t do properly left dwelling alone all day.

For extra info on Catahoula Leopard Canine look and temperament, go to our breed page.

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