8 Cat Breeds With Naturally Brief or No Tail


Felines are available in all styles and sizes. Moreover, they’ve their very own distinctive bodily traits. One defining bodily trait in a cat is its tail. A cat’s tail helps them talk with one another and people. It additionally helps them maintain their stability. Some cats are identified for his or her lengthy and fluffy tails, and a few are identified for his or her not-as-long or not-as-fluffy tails. However what about cats with very brief tails or maybe no tails?

A number of cat breeds are born with brief, stumpy tails and some with no tails in anyway. Every of them has its personal wants and character. Learn on to be taught extra about cats with no tail.

cat breeds with no tail

Photograph by @lindarczyk from Pixabay

What are Bobtails?

Technically, a cat with a bobtail will not be all the time a very tailless cat. It’s primarily a cropped tail, they usually can range in size relying on the cat. It is very important be aware that most of these cats are born with naturally bobbed tail. It’s not the results of an harm or a deliberate cropping of the tail. Cat breeds which might be born with a bobtail usually have that phrase included of their breed title, however extra on that later.

Since cats use their tail to assist them stability, some might assume that short-tailed cats are naturally clumsy. This doesn’t appear to be the case. Cats with very brief or no tails seem to adapt completely fantastic to not having a protracted tail to maintain them balanced. They will nonetheless play, soar, and climb similar to their long-tailed counterparts.

Why do Some Cats have Brief Tails?

Some particular breeds are born with very brief tails attributable to a naturally occurring genetic mutation. The mutation causes a fusion of vertebrae in the direction of the top of the backbone, main the tail to not develop absolutely. Sadly, this genetic mutation usually causes some well being points within the cats that possess it. Among the most typical well being points related to a bobtail are spinal twine harm, nerve harm, arthritis, and bowel blockages. [1]

It’s believed that this gene originated because of the inbreeding of a small inhabitants of tailless cats that lived on the Isle of Man. [2] That is the place the Manx originates, the one really tailless cat breed.

When these cats are bred, each women and men should not carry the dominant tailless gene. It’s a lot safer to breed one cat with the dominant gene and one with the recessive to provide the healthiest offspring doable. If the ensuing kittens come from mother and father who each had the dominant gene, they’ll develop a medical situation known as “Manx Syndrome.” [2]

What Cat Breeds Have No Tail?

Are you curious to know which tailless cat breeds exist? Here’s a listing of them in addition to just a few details:

1. Manx

grey manx cat

Photograph by @spicetree687 from Pixabay

The Manx is probably the most well-liked tailless cat breed. They’re the one cat breed that’s really tailless. These kitties are very social with their households and like to discover constantly. They’re initially from the Isle of Man, the place it was widespread for cats to hold the tailless gene. Sadly, Manx cats are susceptible to spinal issues attributable to their nonexistent tails.

2. Cymric

cymric cat


A Cymric cat shares an ancestry with the Manx. In essence, they’re merely long-haired Manx and are generally known as such. Cymric cats are barely extra unbiased than their shorter-haired Manx cousins. They take pleasure in being round their household however don’t thoughts spending time alone, too.

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3. American Bobtail

american bobtail

The American Bobtail is an lovable feline with a candy character. Technically, they do nonetheless have a tail, however it’s extra of a stump. These cats even have longer fur, so generally their stumpy tail might look hidden. American Bobtails like to be with their folks, so they don’t admire being left alone for lengthy durations. They’re additionally at the next danger of hip dysplasia.

4. Japanese Bobtail

japanese bobtail longhair


The Japanese Bobtail has a tail that may be very brief and barely curled. They’re thought of to be a uncommon breed and never a lot info is understood about them. Regardless, they’re nonetheless inclined to well being issues attributable to their tiny tails. The Japanese Bobtail likes to cuddle in between taking part in and climbing classes.

5. Mekong Bobtail

mekong bobtail

Uncommon MEKONG BOBTAIL of chocolite-point color – Talestra of Cofein Pleasure, Cofein Pleasure cattery www.mekong-bobtail.ru

The Mekong Bobtail hails from Southeast Asia and is sort of uncommon exterior of that a part of the world. Their coat colours and patterns generally look just like Siamese Cats. More often than not, their tail is brief however it might vary in size. Mekong Bobtails are sensible and athletic. They take pleasure in taking part in video games to maintain their minds sharp. 

6. Karelian Bobtail

karelian bobtail

Karelian bobtails are identified not just for their very brief tails but in addition for his or her tender and silky coat. They aren’t very vocal however are curious creatures they usually prefer to discover. Regardless of being barely extra reserved than different tailless cats, the Karelian Bobtail remains to be sometimes fairly pleasant.

7. Highlander Cat

highlander cat

DigitalDirt, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, by way of Wikimedia Commons

The Highlander Cat has an much more distinctive look attributable to their curled ears. They’re identified to take pleasure in cuddling with their house owners and are very pleasant. An attention-grabbing reality about Highlander Cats is that they appear to not thoughts water in any respect.

8. Pixie Bob

pixiebob cat

Six month previous semilonghair feminine PixieBob. Photograph by Donna Cox from commons.wikimedia.org

Pixie Bobs have an lovable stocky construct. They admire being included in an energetic family and can all the time need to be a part of household actions. They’re very clever and curious. Pixie Bobs are additionally identified to be very vocal and can make all kinds of noises to seize your consideration.

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Is a Tailless Cat Proper for Me?

Since a cat having a tail that’s naturally very brief is the results of a genetic mutation, you will need to pay attention to the well being issues that it could doubtlessly develop. Earlier than deciding to undertake a tailless cat breed, ask your self when you have the monetary means to take care of one. The well being issues that these cats might face might rack up some excessive vet payments. Be ready for this in order that your tailless cat can reside the most effective life doable.

If no tailless cat is on the market for adoption at your native animal shelter, please strongly take into account buying one from a good breeder with good historical past. It will guarantee that you’re getting a cat from the most effective bloodline doable. Watch out for yard breeders who have no idea what they’re doing. A cat breed with this type of genetic mutation of their blood ought to solely come from the utmost accountable breeders since issues can go incorrect if it isn’t executed accurately.

Folks Additionally Ask:

What breed of cat has no tail?

Some cat breeds that haven’t any tail are the Manx, Cymric, American Bobtail, Japanese Bobtail, Mekong Bobtail, Karelian Bobtail, Highlander Cat, and Pixie Bob. Some are extra widespread than others. Usually, all of those cats have candy, playful, and loving personalities.

Is it rare for a cat to not have a tail?

It’s fairly unusual for a cat to not have a tail, however not essentially uncommon. Nevertheless, some particular coat colours and patterns will be uncommon amongst tailless cat breeds. One of many potential explanation why folks select to not undertake a brief tail cat is because of the well being issues that they could possess. Typically, it takes a monetary toll in caring for these cats. Some tailless cat breeds are additionally extra common in some elements of the world than others.

What does it mean if a cat has no tail?

When a cat has no tail, it means they have been born with a genetic mutation. This mutation causes the vertebrae to fuse, leading to a really brief, stumpy tail. Additionally it is doable for a cat, that had a protracted tail beforehand to have a really brief tail attributable to an harm or amputation.

How much is a Manx cat worth?

The worth of a Manx cat can range extensively. On the low finish, a Manx kitten sometimes prices round $1,000 and costs can doubtlessly go upwards of $2,000. All of it relies on the lineage and breeder. For those who resolve a Manx kitten is best for you and your loved ones, be ready to spend fairly a bit.


If you’re searching for a feline companion with a loving character and a novel bodily trait, then a tailless cat breed often is the proper match for you. As mentioned on this article, there are a number of breeds to analysis earlier than deciding on one. Bear in mind, all cats are distinctive and could have their very own set of desires and wishes. The right cat is on the market ready for you!

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