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The Ragamuffin is a breed of home cats ensuing from crossing the Ragdoll cat with numerous pure breeds and outside cats. It’s a comparatively new breed that’s not broadly established worldwide. They’re, in some ways, much like their counterparts, the Ragdoll cat, however have important variations. The American Cat Fanciers Affiliation, the Federation of Cat Fanciers, and the United Cat Group acknowledge the breed.

Attention-grabbing Info concerning the Breed

  • Ragamuffins bought their title due to their ancestors – outbred cats crossed with Ragdolls cats.
  • The bodily improvement of this breed ends by 4-4.5 years.
  • The breed is non-confrontational and affected person with youngsters and different pets.
  • The primary downside with Ragamuffins is their tendency to grow to be overweight, and with an incorrect eating regimen, Ragamuffins shortly flip into plus-sized cats.
  • The breed has an in depth palette of colours, however not all are equally widespread. For instance, white Ragamuffins are fairly uncommon.
  • Kittens and adults should not tailored to extended loneliness, so leaving a pet in an empty home is merciless and unsafe for its psyche.

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Bodily Traits Ragamuffin Cats

The typical weight of an grownup feminine is 10-15 kilos, and a male is 12-22. One other characteristic of the breed is an elevated quantity of fats within the stomach, which supplies the physique a nice softness and roundness.

Weight 10-22 kilos
Peak 10-15 inches
Colours and Patterns each colour and sample, besides pointed colorations.
Eyes massive, walnut-shaped eyes. All colours are acceptable.
Lifespan 12-16 years
Appropriate for first-time homeowners, multi-pet households, households with youngsters, seniors

These cats have wedge-shaped, broad heads with convex contours. The cat’s muzzle is brief, oval, with a small however robust chin that turns into bigger because the animal ages. The transition from the brow to the muzzle is accompanied by a noticeable deflection, clearly seen within the profile. The neck is brief however robust. With age, Ragamuffins grow to be thicker and extra muscular. The ears of this breed are small, proportional, and set at a slight inclination ahead. The ear material itself is reasonably pubescent and barely expanded within the decrease half. The eyes are massive and broadly set, and the iris has an intense colour; on this case, eyes of all shades are acceptable, together with heterochromia.

The physique of the Ragamuffin cat is compact, of medium measurement, with a well-palpable fats layer within the decrease stomach. The animal ought to usually give the impression of a well-fed creature (no protruding ribs or backbone). The cat’s chest must be rounded and vast; the road of the again must be even alongside your complete size.

The legs of the Ragamuffin are robust, with heavy bones and huge rounded paws, between the toes of which tufts of soppy wool stick out. The hind legs are normally longer than the entrance ones, however this doesn’t have an effect on the general concord of the looks. It’s of medium thickness, thinner, and extra elegant on the tip. Normally, the tail is roofed with gentle, ethereal hair.

All Ragamuffins have a medium or medium-long coat. Normally, the hair across the neck and alongside the contour of the muzzle is longer, which is why the pinnacle of the animal appears to be like bigger than it really is. The hair can be fairly lengthy on the crown, shoulder blades, and again; on the edges and abdomen, a bit of shorter. The feel of the plush coat is dense however silky and smooth.

Theoretically, the coat colour of the Ragamuffin will be any colour, however, for instance, CFA specialists all the time reject color-pointed ones, preferring tabbies and bicolors. In any other case, there are not any strict choice standards for the kind of colour for this breed. Specifically, cats are allowed to have white spots and medallions on their chest, stomach, and again; their measurement and quantity don’t play a major function. As for the pores and skin on the paw pads and nostril, there are not any necessities for it. Pink, two- or three-color – all sorts of colours are acceptable for these areas. [1]

Character and Temperament

The Ragamuffin is a balanced pet. In any other case, a unprecedented method to the members of this small clan will not be required. With using cat litter, there are not any difficulties, both.

Generally, Ragamuffins are docile, not capricious, and don’t have any behavior of performing evil or vengeful, and so they may even be skilled to stroll on a leash. Normally, the Ragamuffin cat is only an indoor cat, though for those who reside in a non-public home, it will likely be completely satisfied to stroll exterior. However it’s essential to watch out – this pet has a combating mood and might simply struggle with a neighbor’s cat.

Usually, the breed will be referred to as ornamental: these well-fed cats recognize house consolation and get misplaced when exterior alone.


Photograph by Takashi Hososhima on flickr.com

Compatibility with Youngsters and Different Pets

The Ragamuffin treats youngsters nicely and usually perceives different pets if they don’t present aggression towards them. In fact, each youngsters and different pets should be taught tips on how to correctly deal with the cat, and strangers are handled pleasant.

Food regimen and Care

As a rule, Ragamuffins have a fatty layer within the decrease stomach. Such fats is appropriate for the breed, however this isn’t an excuse for permitting the pet to realize weight or lose form. The vitamin of the Ragamuffin have to be managed. Breeders suggest switching to dry meals designed for cats with decreased motor exercise and gradual metabolism. By the best way, it’s extra expedient to present desire to grain-free varieties, which don’t embrace wheat, soybeans, or corn. The cat must also be supplied with a bowl of filtered water. Some skilled breeders promote menus primarily based on moist canned meals, the calorie content material of which, in comparison with industrial “drying,” is a number of occasions decrease.

To ensure that calm Ragamuffins to not grow to be obese, along with video games, they want interactive workout routines. If needed, homeowners ought to make particular time to play with the pet.

The luxurious Ragamuffin coat is definitely simpler to look after than it may appear. It must be brushed steadily to maintain the coat from matting. Longhaired home cats don’t have a full undercoat, and so they shed reasonably. As well as, you’ll want to trim the claws two occasions a month and maintain your pet’s ears clear, eradicating deposits and filth. [2]

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Well being and Lifespan of Ragamuffin Breed

These are wholesome cats with no genetic or different issues (aside from weight problems). Sure, they like to eat, and it’s essential to get your pet’s eating regimen proper – particularly contemplating the already fairly massive measurement and tendency to be obese.


Photograph by @Pineapple_Studio from Freepik

Methods to Select the Proper Ragamuffin Kittens

Shopping for an animal on-line is a fairly dangerous enterprise as a result of you will get outbred kittens and sick ones. Subsequently, with the intention to get a real pure breed, wholesome and well-groomed pet. You must also not purchase an animal from a photograph – you must have a look at your future good friend in real-time, ensure that its dad and mom are actually Ragamuffins cat breed, and verify the circumstances for his or her upkeep.

Folks additionally ask:

What two breeds make a Ragamuffin cat?

The Ragamuffin is a department of the Ragdoll breed. The primary breeder is taken into account to be Ann Baker, who additionally created the Ragdoll breed. The Ragamuffin differs considerably from the Ragdoll in its measurement – it’s considerably bigger. The crossing was made with Turkish Angoras, Burmese, Himalayans, Persians, and home longhaired cats to attain this bigger measurement.

Do Ragamuffin cats like to be held?

The Ragamuffin cat breed is affectionate and playful; they’re good-natured pets. They love to take a seat on laps and be stroked. They get alongside nicely with youngsters and different animals in the home, making them perfect household pets.

What’s the difference between Ragdoll and Ragamuffin cats?

The Ragamuffin is considerably bigger than the Ragdoll. The crossing was made with Turkish Angoras, Burmese, Himalayans, Persians, and home longhaired cats to do that. The Ragdoll is extra of a phlegmatic pet, whereas the Ragamuffin longhaired cats has extra power and is extra vulnerable to take part in numerous actions. It has a extra energetic thoughts and can gladly take part in video games with relations; furthermore, it would typically be the initiator.

Are Ragamuffin cats good pets?

They’re calm, clever, and really affectionate pets. They’re very home and nice for house dwelling. Ragamuffins love consideration and affection, and so they love to take a seat on their individuals’s laps.


Normally calm and adaptable to modifications in routine, the Ragamuffin is the right companion for individuals who reside in residences. This stunning cat loves affection and enjoys sitting on individuals’s laps. We are able to say that it combines the very best options of a cat’s character. Moreover, add intelligence and extraordinary devotion, making them glorious companions for the entire household.

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