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Man petting cat while dog sits by and watching

Whether or not you’re a canine individual or a cat individual, you possible have some ingrained concepts about each species. We regularly consider cats as low-maintenance and impartial animals who not often present affection, whereas canines are thought of the extroverts of the pet world, with loyal, playful, and cuddly tendencies.

Consider it or not, many cat breeds exhibit the behaviors we most frequently affiliate with canines, from taking part in fetch to snuggling to swimming (sure, some cats love water!). So, when you’re a canine lover who can’t personal a canine due to allergic reactions or your rental settlement, you could wish to think about on the lookout for cat breeds that act like canines and will give you all the love, loyalty, and delight {that a} pup would.

Understanding Cat Habits

Like canines, cats have been bred over time to develop particular traits, resembling extra social or playful natures. At the moment, many cat breeds are recognized for having extra dog-like traits whereas nonetheless sustaining the impartial streak that cats are recognized for.

However a cat’s breed is simply half of what determines their behavior. All animals develop their traits by means of interactions with different animals and other people, in addition to their atmosphere. The way in which cats talk their affection is usually fairly completely different from canines and might be rather more refined. When a cat brushes in opposition to your leg or curls up in your lap, that’s typically their method of displaying you ways a lot they care and worth your presence.

What Are Canine-Like Behaviors in Cats?

Each canines and cats talk with their physique language, from facial expressions to ear and tail actions. Canines are sometimes seen as extra expressive than cats, primarily as a result of they are usually extra vocal about their wants, in addition to extra playful and social. Should you’re on the lookout for cats with extra dog-like behaviors, you possible desire a kitty with a extra mellow temperament, who exhibits affection overtly and enjoys exploring and interacting with their human household.

Can Any Cat Be Canine-Like?

Cats are extremely clever animals and may even be skilled with persistence and consistency. In reality, many cat dad and mom have taught their felines to carry out methods and reply instructions — behaviors which are typically thought of dog-like. Cats additionally reply effectively to clicker coaching, studying rapidly to affiliate sure behaviors with the sound of a clicker. So, even when your cat isn’t dog-like from day one, you possibly can typically practice them to undertake many of those behaviors with time and persistence.

Cat Breeds That Act Like Canines

Whereas a cat’s breed doesn’t assure that they’ll act extra dog-like, there are a number of breeds that are usually extra social, outwardly affectionate, and constant, identical to their canine counterparts.

gray maine coon training like a dog

Maine Coon

Identified for being huge so far as cats go (as giant as many toy canine breeds), the Maine Coon is an affectionate and constant breed that likes to play. Consider these fluffy felines because the cat model of a Bernese Mountain Canine — furry, sturdy, and candy as might be. The Maine Coon’s measurement and playful disposition make them an important alternative for households with youngsters. Simply be ready for frequent grooming, as these cats shed lots.

Absynnian cat walking on a leash - adventure cat


Should you’re on the lookout for a cat to hitch you on the occasional out of doors journey, an Abyssinian is a incredible alternative. This breed responds extremely effectively to leash and harness coaching and is right down to take a stroll with you across the neighborhood. Abyssinians are very social and like to play, even climbing on high of their dad and mom to get a very good go searching. You’ll want to have loads of interactive toys to maintain this cat entertained, together with some towers and climbing buildings when you don’t wish to be your feline’s private playground.

siberian cat sits of sofa with dog

Siberian Cat

Whereas they’re much less obsessive about their human dad and mom than many different breeds on this record, the Siberian Cat nonetheless boasts excessive intelligence and athleticism and isn’t postpone by bustling or noisy environments. You’re sure to be entertained by this breed’s wild antics and seemingly boundless power. Siberian Cats additionally do effectively with canines when you take the time to introduce them correctly.

Ragdoll acting like a lapdog


This breed is called the “pet cat” for a motive — they’re laid again, anticipating playtime or petting, and can stick by your aspect wherever you go in the home. Named for his or her distinctive tendency to go limp and flop round when picked up, Ragdolls are blissful to get together with nearly anybody, together with youngsters and canines, and so they like to make new pals. Identical to their canine counterparts, Ragdolls will greet you on the door whenever you come residence, so if you need a cat that acts like a canine, look no additional than this mellow and charming breed.

Norwegian forest cat on a hike

Norwegian Forest Cat

Identical to the Maine Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a delicate large whose large measurement belies their loving and affectionate nature. This breed can simply match into any residence, adapting to new environments and getting alongside effectively with the entire household, together with canines. Their fluffy coats and delightful coloring make them appear to be one thing out of a fairytale. If you’d like a canine-sized cat greatest buddy, you possibly can’t go improper with this breed.

Burmese cat lounging on blue sofa


With their very smart and enthusiastic nature, Burmese cats make for affectionate and constant pets, very similar to canines. These cats are good for leash coaching and develop a robust dependency on their human dad and mom, following them from room to room. They might even demand playtime after they’re within the temper for some exercise! Remember that these cats are very vocal about their desires and desires, so don’t count on a quiet family when you undertake this breed.

manx cat cuddles with labrador retriever dog


In case your greatest grievance about cats is that they don’t come when known as, a Manx is likely to be for you. These cats are recognized for responding to their human dad and mom, largely as a result of they genuinely like individuals and revel in being round them. This adventurous breed loves climbing and leaping and does effectively with interactive toys and puzzle feeders to maintain them stimulated. Like canines, Manx cats may even study new methods, resembling responding to voice instructions together with “come” and “no.”

American bobtail cat out on a walk

American Bobtail

As loyal as many canine breeds, the American Bobtail tends to kind a really shut bond with their human dad or mum, making them the best companion animal. This social breed additionally makes a incredible remedy cat, because of their candy and pleasant disposition. Like a number of cat breeds on this record, the American Bobtail can do effectively with harness coaching, to allow them to be a part of you in your out of doors adventures.

Siamese cat and dogs sit on dog bred


One of many oldest home cat breeds on this planet, Siamese are recognized for being social, athletic, and very needy. These cats do effectively in households with lots happening and may particularly profit from being round different animals. Siamese simply grow to be damaging when bored, so preserve them entertained with loads of playtime. You could even wish to undertake one other cat or canine to maintain them firm whenever you’re out of the home.

bengal cat acting like dog on leash


With the spots and look of a wild cat, Bengals are adventurous, assured, and clever, to not point out extremely dedicated to their human dad and mom. Descended from home cats crossed with Asian leopards, this breed is very energetic and even has a love for water — a decidedly un-cat-like trait. You’ll be able to educate a Bengal varied methods as they’re attentive to studying instructions. This feline will observe you wherever, making them a playful and constant companion.

Cats That Act Like Canines FAQs

Cats and canines aren’t as completely different as they might appear at first look. In reality, they share many traits, resembling the will to develop robust bonds with their human households. Should you’re on the lookout for a cat that acts extra like a canine, take note of traits like exercise stage, intelligence, and temperament.  

Which Cat Breeds Are Most Canine-Like?

Whereas any of the breeds listed above are certain to scratch the itch for canine lovers, Ragdolls are maybe essentially the most dog-like cat breed. In any case, they’re generally known as “pet cats” for his or her affectionate and cuddly nature.  

Is It Regular For a Cat to Act Like a Canine? 

Domesticated cats and canines share most of the similar traits, and each species talk with physique language. Whereas canines and cats differ in some facets, it’s regular for his or her behaviors to overlap. 

What Giant Cats Act Like Canines? 

The Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat are the biggest breeds on our record; each attain the scale of many toy-sized canine breeds. These cats are social and affectionate and might be nice decisions for households with youngsters and different pets.

Able to Carry Dwelling the Purrfect Cat?

Identical to people, each cat’s persona is completely different on account of their breed, temperament, and atmosphere. Many cats have the calm and social personalities most frequently related to canines, however their breed isn’t any assure {that a} cat will act the best way you need it to. That’s why it’s necessary to take the time to know your cat and the way they categorical themselves, so you possibly can higher meet their wants as a pet dad or mum. Go to your local rescue or shelter and discover the right cat to adopt into your loved ones at present.

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