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chartreux cat breed

Picture by LucasBouillon from Pixabay

The Chartreux is a charming feline hailing from France, has captured the hearts of many with its charming character and putting look. Usually thought-about the unofficial mascot of the nation, the Chartreux has gained reputation not solely in its homeland but in addition amongst cat lovers worldwide. This breed is actually a sight to behold, distinguished by its luxurious blue-gray, coat coloration, distinctive woolly texture, and mesmerizing copper eyes.

Regardless of its seemingly delicate look, the Chartreux cat boasts a muscular and athletic construct, which can be shocking given its tiny, fine-boned legs. This compact stature can provide the impression of a shorter cat, however don’t be fooled – the Chartreux is a formidable hunter. Legends counsel that the Carthusian monks of France as soon as enlisted these expert felines to maintain their monasteries freed from rodents.

Not solely is the Chartreux cat an environment friendly mouser, nevertheless it’s additionally famend for its amiable disposition. These light and affectionate cats are identified to type robust bonds with their people, making them preferrred companions for households and people alike. As you get to know the Chartreux, you’ll uncover this enchanting French feline is way more than a reasonably face.

Traits and Look:

As we delve additional into the charming world of the Chartreux cat, it’s important to know the distinctive bodily traits that set this breed aside from others. Beneath, you’ll discover a detailed chart highlighting the important thing options of those charming felines, offering a complete visible information to their distinct look. This may assist you to recognize their enchanting magnificence and be taught the distinctive qualities it is best to search from a Chartreux breeder.

Weight 15-16 lbs
Size 20-24 inches
Colours Stable Grey
Eye Colour Orange or copper
Lifespan 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Coat Size Quick
Breed Origin France

Breed Historical past

The enigmatic Chartreux cat has a historical past that’s as fascinating as it’s elusive. Whereas the exact origins of this enchanting breed are difficult to pinpoint, it’s extensively accepted that the Chartreux dates again at the very least to the fifteenth or sixteenth century. The distinctive woolly coat of those charming felines suggests Syrian roots, and it’s extensively believed that Crusaders introduced the early ancestors of the Chartreux again to France upon coming back from their expeditions.

As soon as in France, the Chartreux shortly gained a status for being extremely efficient rodent hunters. Quite a few accounts counsel that French Carthusian monasteries employed these expert felines to guard their sacred areas from rats and mice. Though no concrete proof has been present in Carthusian information, this enduring story might also clarify these remarkably silent cats’ quiet, virtually meditative nature.

As we progress in historical past, the journey of the Chartreux turns into clearer. Within the Twenties, sisters Christine and Suzanne Leger found a colony of putting blue-gray cats on a small island off the French coast. They had been captivated by the cats’ distinctive woolly coats and determined to cultivate and breed them. By 1931, the trendy Chartreux debuted at a Parisian cat present, capturing the hearts of many.

World Conflict II posed a big risk to the survival of the Chartreux breed. Nonetheless, these extraordinary felines managed to endure by way of selective crossbreeding with Russian Blue, British Shorthair, and Persian cats. Over time, the Chartreux turned more and more wanted for its luxurious, thick coat,, intelligence, and mild temperament.

The primary Chartreux cats arrived in the US in 1970, because of John and Helen Gamon. This marked the start of the breed’s journey in direction of full acceptance into the Cat Fancier’s Affiliation in 1987. Right this moment, the Chartreux is taken into account a nationwide treasure in France, with its reputation remaining comparatively contained inside Europe. Because of many breeding applications returning their inventory to France, discovering a purebred Chartreux kitten exterior of Europe has turn out to be more and more troublesome.

Attention-grabbing info concerning the breed

With its rarity and mystique, the Chartreux cat affords a treasure trove of fascinating info for feline lovers to uncover. Listed below are a couple of intriguing tidbits about this distinctive breed:

The French have devised a singular naming system for pedigree cats, together with the Chartreux. Annually, all registered kittens are given names that start with the identical letter, biking by way of the alphabet yearly with just a few letters omitted. This technique ensures that the beginning 12 months of every cat may be simply decided simply by its title.

Some well-known historic figures have been proud Chartreux house owners, such because the celebrated French novelist Colette and the famend poet Charles Baudelaire. Their love for this charming breed additional demonstrates the timeless attraction of the Chartreux. These are cat breeds that rose to an enormous reputation all through World Conflict II and as French breed cats began to make their technique to North America after the warfare. The medium-sized cat turned a needed merchandise because the Chartreux breed rose to turn out to be beloved pets as household cats.

The Chartreux holds a particular place within the music world because the mascot for the Montreal Worldwide Jazz Pageant, probably the most distinguished jazz competition globally. Named “Ste Cat” in honor of the occasion’s central hub on Sainte Catherine Road in downtown Montreal, this feline mascot symbolizes the competition’s relaxed and complicated vibe.

Identified for his or her intelligence and playful nature, many Chartreux cats can be taught to play fetch, offering limitless leisure for his or her human companions.

The Chartreux’s first point out in literature by the French naturalist Buffon noticed it assigned the Latin title Felis catus coeruleus, which interprets to “blue cat.” This reference that means blue cat highlights the breed’s distinctive blue-gray coat that has captivated admirers for hundreds of years.

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As we proceed exploring the charming world of the Chartreux, it’s important to know the distinctive character traits that make this breed endearing. Beneath, you’ll discover a complete chart that outlines the essential points of the Chartreux’s temperament, providing helpful insights into what makes these felines such pleasant companions. This data will deepen your appreciation for the breed and allow you to decide if the Chartreux matches you and your family.

Pleasant Very
Good with Different Pets Very
Want for Train Reasonable
Playful Reasonable
Intelligence Excessive
Vocal Low
Shedding Reasonable
Affection Very


Chartreux cats are identified for his or her reasonable exercise ranges, requiring common psychological and bodily stimulation to maintain them completely satisfied and wholesome. As a Chartreux proprietor, you have to be tuned to your feline companion’s habits and temperament, as these soft-spoken kitties might not vocalize their wants or considerations. By intently observing any adjustments in indoor cats’ habits, reminiscent of decreased water consumption or elevated sleep, you’ll be able to handle potential points promptly with the assistance of a veterinarian.

Though Chartreux cats might seem reserved, they’re removed from shy. Their calm and undemanding nature permits them to adapt effectively to being left alone at house with out resorting to harmful behaviors or loud protests. This makes them a superb alternative for condominium dwellers involved about disturbing neighbors with noisy pets. The Chartreux’s quiet demeanor extends to their communication fashion, as they typically categorical their wants by way of gestures somewhat than vocalizations.

The easygoing and tolerant character of the Chartreux makes them a incredible match for households with youngsters and different pets. Due to their adaptability, additionally they show to be nice journey companions. Nevertheless, offering routine and stability to your Chartreux is crucial, as these laid-back felines recognize figuring out what to anticipate of their every day lives. You’ll be able to be certain that your Chartreux cat stays content material and thriving by providing a balanced mixture of psychological and bodily stimulation and a steady surroundings.


Caring for a Chartreux is comparatively simple, making them a superb alternative for first-time cat house owners. These charming felines have easy wants: a well-balanced, nutritious weight loss plan with, every day train, psychological stimulation, and quality time with their human companions.

To keep up your Chartreux’s weight, it’s important to measure their meals and be aware of deal with consumption. Seek the advice of your veterinarian you probably have considerations about your cat’s weight or dietary necessities.

Offering ample play and train alternatives will assist regulate your Chartreux’s weight and permit them to burn off any extra power. As clever cats, they thrive on psychological stimulation. Investing in puzzle video games or educating them methods and instructions is usually a rewarding expertise for you and your feline pal.

It’s essential to keep in mind that cats are identified for hiding their discomfort once they’re unwell. It’s typically exhausting to detect well being issues till they’re fairly extreme; even Chartreux kittens may be nice at hiding well being issues. Since Chartreux are naturally calm and reserved, detecting any indicators of sickness could also be difficult in comparison with many cats you’ve got had earlier than. To make sure your cat’s optimum well being, schedule yearly check-ups together with your veterinarian and sustain with their flea, tick, and heartworm drugs.

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chartreux personality

Picture by LucasBouillon from Pixabay

Whereas this French cat breed is usually very wholesome, they will nonetheless be prone to particular points. Primarily based on claims information, the highest 5 circumstances affecting these cats embody urinary tract infections (UTIs), digestive issues, behavioral problems, ataxia (lack of coordination), and delicate pores and skin.

As a accountable cat proprietor, you may be an professional on a few of these circumstances. Nevertheless, having a primary understanding of preventive measures and key signs may be helpful in making certain your Chartreux cat stays completely satisfied and wholesome all through its life.

VET GUIDE: Cat Skin Problems


Embarking on the journey to undertake a Chartreux cat may be difficult as a result of restricted variety of breeders in the US. To start your search, contemplate exploring sources such because the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation (CFA) Breeder Listing and The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) Breeder Listing. This will probably be the easiest way to search out Chartreaux kittens from a good breeder from the nationwide cat breed associations.

Though discovering a Chartreux in a shelter is unusual, circumstances might typically result in these purebred cats being surrendered by their house owners. Search for potential adoption alternatives at native shelters or rescue organizations, and also you would possibly discover the right Chartreux companion to welcome into your private home. Cat breeders might know the place to search out these breeds at native rescue applications.

Breed Overview

In conclusion, with its calm and serene demeanor, the Chartreux cat breed has captured the hearts of each solitary house owners and households alike. Their adaptable nature makes them a superb match for varied life, together with those that get pleasure from touring with their feline companions. It’s important to make sure that youngsters and different pets are taught to work together with the animal gently and respectfully. In the end, this enchanting breed affords a singular mix of intelligence, allure, and tranquility, making them a pleasant addition to any family.

Folks Additionally Ask:

Are Chartreux cats aggressive?

Chartreux cats are usually not aggressive however are identified for his or her calm and mild nature. These affectionate felines type robust bonds with their human companions and are usually good with youngsters and different pets. Nevertheless, as with every cat breed, particular person cat personalities might fluctuate, and it’s at all times vital to watch interactions and guarantee a harmonious surroundings to your Chartreux cat.

What is the price of a Chartreux cat?

The value of Chartreux cats can fluctuate relying on components such because the breeder’s status, location, and the kitten’s pedigree. On common, a Chartreux kitten from a good breeder might price wherever between $800 to $1,500. It’s important to keep in mind that extra prices, reminiscent of vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and different health-related bills, also needs to be thought-about when adopting a brand new feline companion.

Can Chartreux cats be left alone?

Chartreux cats are identified for his or her unbiased and undemanding nature, which permits them to tolerate being left alone for cheap intervals. Nevertheless, extended isolation can result in boredom and potential behavioral points. It’s important to offer your Chartreux with partaking toys, psychological stimulation, and social interplay to make sure their well-being and happiness once you’re away from house.

Is Chartreux cat a lap cat?

Chartreux cats are identified for his or her affectionate and loving nature, and plenty of get pleasure from spending time on their proprietor’s lap. Nevertheless, particular person personalities might fluctuate, and a few Chartreux cats would possibly desire sitting close by somewhat than instantly in your lap. Regardless, these charming felines are usually keen on being near their human companions and sharing high quality time.

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